Dairy Barn Conversion in Cheriton Bishop

This Dairy barn in Mid Devon was no longer part of a working farm so it could not be converted under Class Q permitted development.

We submitted a pre-application enquiry and got feedback that we would need to prove the barn was structurally sound and that it had some value as part of the existing rural landscape. We researched the original farm layout and found historic maps showing that the barn was part of a much older courtyard of buildings and one of only 2 remaining structures which provided evidence to support the application.

We then created a design that retained as much of the rural character of the building, enhancing the character with sliding shutters over new window openings.

The key to any barn conversion is to create a building that sits well within its setting and doesn’t appear too domestic in design, this can be done by using more industrial materials and making sure windows are more akin to the large openings found in existing barn structures. We are looking forward to seeing the design progress onto site.