A new studio space and treatment studios for Bala Brook Buddhist Retreat on the edge of Dartmoor near South Brent.

“We created a new building with a stunning studio space and moved the manager’s office out of the existing house allowing guests privacy and quiet (some of the retreats are silent for their duration).  It also provides additional space when the centre is busy.” said Kirsty Curnow-Bayley, architect for the new building.

The timber frame is packed full with insulation and solar panels have been installed on the roof, which along with a wood burning stove provide the heating required.  It was always the intention of the Trust to keep the energy usage of the building to a minimum, and the position of the building near to the Brook means that in the future power could also be produced using a small scale hydro-electric generator.

One of the most important parts of the brief was to create a flexible building, which could change over time if required. The structural system, with large timber trusses, allows partition walls to be moved in the future if the needs and space requirements of the centre change.

You can read more about this beautiful project and our completion of it on our blog.