Alteration and Extension at Baring Crescent, Exeter

We are delighted to be able to showcase our finished work at Baring Crescent, Exeter.

This project comprised both the creation of a large kitchen extension at the rear of the house, and the modernisation of the existing building in a number of different ways, including the conversion of the basement.

The resulting living spaces have a bright, modern and fresh finish that blends well with the house’s original style. The high quality contemporary kitchen extension sits within an older context, creating a combination of different, but complimentary, spaces.

Built in 1818, the houses on Baring Crescent are both simple and striking in appearance, and the property we worked on was one of the three to be completely burnt out during the Blitz of 1942, and was subsequently internally altered, making the basement inaccessible. This very aspect of the house became one of the project’s most exciting aspects, though, as the complete excavation of the basement was undertaken in order to create more living space. Scroll down to see its remarkable transformation!