Study of 3 Care Homes in Switzerland

We are interested in these examples in Switzerland of housing and specialist care home buildings. These examples have a lot of people waiting to move in…

WohnenPlus, Flaesch

In the centre of a small village stood this old building which has been renovated. It had a small shop on the ground floor and the other floors were not really used for any purpose. The building has a lovely scale with a simple, traditional form and details. However the internal mix of uses and the adventurous plan layouts are innovative.

The new concept of the housing includes an enlivened village-shop and new apartments on the second and third floor.

On the 1 Floor there is a lunch table arrangement for school kids and elderly people to share at lunch time which is run by the community or church group. This also has a communal kitchen so support the lunch club.

The apartments have a separate more private entry door, so does the shop and the lunch table with attached all-purpose-room.

All of the tenants are offered support from a care company and each apartment has an emergency call system linked to the care company.

Area of Frauensteinmatt, Zug 

The project includes four different sized buildings within the development site, located on the edge of Lake Zug.

With the help of angled elevations the bigger building appears smaller and the opening corridors to the middle of the plans fill the building with light. The configuration of glazing on the balconies to the apartments helps to create wonderful uplifting light spaces to the inside of the rooms.

The biggest building is the care home with full care hospital rooms.

The other three buildings are traditional housing apartments with a mixture of family apartments and retirement apartments.

The landscape was carefully shaped to create winding paths throughout the site with hidden bench / seating places and other areas for relaxation across the site.

New Care Home Holzlegistrasse, Winterthur

The interesting complex of three buildings which are designed around the cluster model / layout and are connected underneath at ground level.

Across each building the feel is like a private villa of apartments, but with the three buildings achieves the necessary urban density.

The floor layout remains almost the same in each apartment: the entrance connects bath, utility, bedroom and living room. The layout of each apartment on the corner of the building ensures that all of the rooms have windows to natural light, giving great connection to the views.