Over the past year Kirsty Curnow Bayley has been working closely with architect Nick Gilbert Scott at The Maynard Girls School in Exeter as Architect in Residence.  The project involved a number of workshops with the year 8 students, where the girls tackled issues such as site planning, scale and sustainability as well as having fun drawing and making models.

The project culminated with a presentation of the girl’s ideas for a new Well Being Centre and Performing Arts Centre on their site in St Leonards, Exeter.  The girls showed an amazing level of thought and creativity during the project, choosing their own site and making an analysis of the factors that would influence the design.  It is hoped that some of the ideas will be taken forward in the future for a new building for the school.  Living Space are looking forward to working further with the school later this year.

The project for the Well Being Centre included looking at local community needs and how the building could be used by local groups during holidays and outside of school time.