Study of 3 Care Homes in Switzerland

We are interested in these examples in Switzerland of housing…
February 11, 2015/by stuart

Designing for Disabilities – a personal view

It is a difficult day when you suddenly realise your parents…
February 5, 2015/by kirsty

The Consultation Process: Let’s talk, let’s draw!

Our 4 hour consultation is a fantastic way to kickstart your…
February 5, 2015/by stuart

Funky Bungalows : the contemporary features

We are developing a renewed fondness for the single storey dwelling…
February 3, 2015/by stuart

What do the over 60s look for in a new build?

The number of over 60s living in the UK is continuing to rise.…
February 2, 2015/by kirsty

Biodiveristy – Hindrance or Opportunity?

Yesterday evening we attended an eye opening masterclass about…
October 1, 2014/by stuart

Designing for a Lifetime

"Let’s face it – we do not need special architecture for…
September 12, 2014/by kirsty

Designing for Later Living

This is the first in a series of blog posts looking at the theme…
July 11, 2014/by kirsty

We have moved to a new office!













June 30, 2014/by stuart

Grassroots Football

Investing in youngsters

As you read the latest football news,…
May 9, 2014/by stuart

Architectural Design: Creating a Strong Integrated Community

April 30, 2014/by kirsty

What’s in a name – Living Space

Why Living Space Architects
The name relates to our own desire…
July 10, 2013/by kirsty

Electric Car for Living Space Architects

After deciding we should be practicing what we preach we now…
January 23, 2013/by kirsty

Office to become new homes

Empty offices above shops could soon be converted into flats…
September 27, 2012/by kirsty

All in a name – Employing an architectural designer to work on your project may not be what you expect

Undertaking a building project, whatever its scale, can be a…
September 10, 2012/by kirsty

Will Self Build become more popular in Exeter and the Southwest?

We were excited to hear that MPs on the Communities and Local…
May 10, 2012/by kirsty

Living Space Architects join Regen South West

After exhibiting at the  Renewable Energy Marketplace a few…
May 1, 2012/by kirsty

The requirement for home improvement energy efficient upgrades is scrapped by the Government


The Government has scrapped plans for what was dubbed…
May 1, 2012/by stuart

What is the Green Deal?

The Energy Bill includes provision for a new “Green Deal”…
March 19, 2012/by kirsty

Contemporary Architecture in St Leonards

This blog post is about the contemporary architecture near where…
February 26, 2012/by stuart

The New Homes Bonus

New Homes Bonus - Potential funding for community schemes
January 23, 2012/by kirsty

New Year – New Home?

With the news full of uncertainty in the financial markets many…
January 3, 2012/by kirsty

New Homes Bonus could fund Community Centre


Newtown Community Association (NCA) could soon…
December 5, 2011/by kirsty

Time to retreat to Dartmoor

From time to time we all feel the need to escape, to get away…
December 1, 2011/by kirsty

Meeting the Woodcraft Folk

While we're working in the design for Newtown Community Centre…
November 24, 2011/by stuart


Today we're enjoying looking at barns in the office, we were…
November 22, 2011/by stuart

Living Space Architects Launch New Website

We've been working hard over the last few weeks creating our…
November 18, 2011/by stuart

Devon Life: A Royal Fishing Lodge

April 30, 2010/by kirsty

Period Living: A New Challenge

October 30, 2009/by kirsty