New Sustainable home

Responding to the landscape

This new home in Lyme Regis with large areas of glazing, will create a strong visual connection for the occupants with the surrounding landscape and views of the coast.

A low lying form with a low-pitched roof reduces the impact of the building on it’s surroundings, and also reduces the impact on views from the neighbouring houses. The first floor is smaller and set back from the edges of the building, to reduce the impact and create additional amenity space at first floor level.

By using panels of different materials the building form and massing is further visually reduced. Vertical timber boarding is proposed for the two storey elements of the building where it will weather well. This has been combined with self coloured render and narrow aluminium window frames, which give a high quality contemporary aesthetic.

The new dwelling will be built as a highly insulated and airtight. It will utilise an air- source heat pump for heating, photovoltaic panels on the roof and rainwater harvesting.

Deep overhangs and shading have been provided to help reduce overheating in the summer months.