Competition Entry – Langely Vale Visitor Hub, Surrey

The design intention was to create a simple but memorable building, constructed using sustainable English timber (in a variety of ways) which could be build by a local contractor and carpenters – reinforcing a sense of locality.

The logistics of the brief and end user requirements are incorporated into an efficient plan configuration, and the approach and entrance through the canopy of the building creates a strong connection to the site and encourages visitors to engage in a poignant circular route through the landscape, passing through the memorial.

The initial concept of the trunk of a fallen tree evolved form our thoughts of the everyday – something that can be found in every woodland in Britain and a recognisable image that represents the Woodland Trust.

In addition, our ideas extended to the more poetic idea of a living tribute to those who gave their lives in the First World War. Fallen – a long past event still visible, representing memories and giving further life to the site – as a fallen tree gives further life when it rests on the woodland floor.