The proposal seeks to create a Spa Facility of the highest quality with a strong sense of place, identity and enclosure. The visitors to the facility should feel uplifted by the surroundings and the quality of the new buildings and landscape improvements.

The existing house was converted within the past 20 years from two adjoining cottages. The house has a mix of external materials in stone and render at ground level, and composite slate tile hanging on 1st floor walls and as the roof finish. The windows are uPVC.

Appearance | Proposed

The new extensions will create a unified structure of improved quality of design & materials. The primary aesthetic is an exposed timber framed building with a slate roof. The doors and windows will be a dark powder coated aluminium framed system which will look good set alongside the timber columns and structure with an elegant glazing system.

The gable end of the extension is highly glazed to avoid introducing an aesthetic of domestic windows with an overhanging gable end canopy to minimise reflections and to make this gable as transparent as possible in the landscape when viewed from the distant views into the site from the west.

The new entrance to the Spa will be hard landscaped with a level pathway to delineate the entrance to the Spa from the house. Adjacent to this entrance path a new planted devon bank wall will be constructed to ensure separation of the house and parking area from the Spa and gardens.

The Spa will have improved gardens and a terrace flush terrace that surrounds the relaxation room and provides an outdoor sun terrace. 2 new plunge hot tubs will be positioned on the east of the Spa – the sunniest corner of the garden

A new planted bank and hedge will separate the holiday accommodation from the Spa gardens. This will also enclose a private terrace for the holiday accommodation which can be accessed through the sliding doors in the living / dining Room.