Don’t be scared to mix styles

Our recent interiors projects has challenged us to delve into different interior styles and bring them together in harmony – which is also known as ‘eclectic’ style. Our client was intrigued by a few different interior design trends. Some say this is shouldn’t be done, but whether we know it or not, we are constantly mixing different trends. Here at living space, we feel every space should be individual and mixing different styles makes this easy to achieve (you’ve just got to do it right)!

Style 1 – Contemporary

Contemporary interior design displays a streamlined look and tends to use a substantial mix of natural materials. These include stone, wood,  and leather – faux or genuine. They are usually paired with concrete, steel, and other industrial-inspired elements.

Our client loved the streamline look and materials used in a contemporary trend and could imaging bringing this style into their everyday life. On the contrary they felt this trend lacked personality and colour bringing us onto their second style.

Style 2 – Scandinavian with a colourful twist

Scandinavian is one of the most popular interior design trends to date. Scandi Interior Design is characterised by spaces filled with light, natural elements, neutral colour palettes, and clean lines. Scandinavian homes are often very minimal and understated. The trend is perfect to have some fun with and pair with your own individual style.

Our client also stated their love for pops of colour. This image in particular stood out to them and is something we continuously referenced throughout the project. We had our two styles established, it was then time to get them singing together as one.

Living Room Inspiration
Lighting Inspiration
Sample Board

Our mood boards and sample boards helped the client see the two different trends come together. By using colourful tones along with classic contemporary materials displayed how the tone of the space would feel. The images below show our initial renders of the space.

Living + Dining Area
Living + Dining Area

With some design development still to go we are excited about where this creative space could go!