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We have moved to a new office.

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Having outgrown our office in the Senate we have now moved to 18 Southernhay West where we have a lovely new studio and  Interior designer Hannah Martin is helping us with our fit out.
Living Space Architects was established in 2004 in Plymouth with the aim of creating vibrant contemporary architecture that is appropriate for its site, its history and its environment. We relocated to Exeter in 2010 and have continued to grow.  After 4 years in the Forsyth Centre in the Senate we finally outgrew the space and wanted to find a new office better suited to the way we work.  Our new office is on the 2nd floor of one of the beautiful terraces on Southernhay and we now have views of the garden and the Cathedral to inspire us.

The team at Living Space Architects hope you will have a chance to visit us soon.

18 Southernhay West, Exeter, EX1 1PJ. Telephone : 01392 270420


Silver Linings

09 May 2014 / in News

A few months ago the RIBA published it’s latest Buildings Futures Research focussing on the way our towns and cities will change in response to the increase in the number of people over 60.  Over the next 20 years they state that the number of people over 60 will grow by 40%, but what impact will this have on the places we live?  The research focuses on  our towns and cities, but we wondered if it could also be relevant to more rural communities in the south west?



Grassroots Football

09 May 2014 / in News

Investing in youngsters

As you read the latest football news, it notes radical proposals for the restructuring of English football in the report of the FA commission. This is an important issue for us “If Football Association chairman Greg Dyke’s Commission really wants to study why fewer English youngsters are breaking through into the country’s top teams, it may want to consider the importance of the facilities on which the next generation of footballers depend”blog1

In one of our recent projects at Tavistock Community Football Club, the principle aim has been to facilitate the development of essential football playing facilities and junior involvement for Tavistock and the surrounding areas of Devon.

We have created 12 new pitches with new ground levelling and grading works to encourage good natural drainage on the flat new playing fields.


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The pitches redevelopment project remodelled the end of the swale to allow water to exit the field and to retain the features of the floodplain of the local area. Previously rainfall had run off the compacted plateau into the central swale and collected a considerable depth, causing a bund of soil at the end of the swale preventing escape.

The new Tavistock Community Football Club building creates a  building that is easy to find your way around and allows the children to be easily monitored and controlled.  Issues of child protection are very important in a scheme of this kind and the changing facilities have been developed in line with current Football Foundation guidelines to ensure the children’s safety, especially on days where the building is used by both the CRA and TFC.

As well as providing safe areas, by creating communal facilities and a combined entrance, the scheme encourages more integration between the clubs and the opportunity for junior players to feel they are part of an organisation, where they can progress to a higher level in the game as they develop.  Communal facilities at first floor create areas for coaching and for new members evenings.  They also create spaces where both clubs can come together for social events, something that is currently not possible, as the existing TFC Black and Red Club is a licensed facility and therefore not open to children.

A community room was provided giving the overall importance of this complex for football senior/junior coaching; social events; committee meetings; fund raising events. Its prime use is for football development in the area – however more widely it is able to house community and business functions as a whole to provide an income stream for football development.

TFC, Tavistock Fotball Club, Devon, UK, December 2009, Joakim Boren PhotographyTFC, Tavistock Fotball Club, Devon, UK, December 2009, Joakim Boren PhotographyTFC, Tavistock Fotball Club, Devon, UK, December 2009, Joakim Boren PhotographyTFC, Tavistock Fotball Club, Devon, UK, December 2009, Joakim Boren Photography

Grand Designs Live 2013

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We were thrilled to be asked to exhibit again at this year’s Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, Stuart is busy putting up the stand today and we will be there from Friday 4th until Sunday 6th.  Every year we get to meet lots of great people who are looking for an architect to help them design their new home.  We’ll be offering design advice, budget cost information and tips for helping you achieve planning consent.  Come and find us on stand B943 in the Grand Build Section.

What’s in a name – Living Space

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Why Living Space Architects
The name relates to our own desire as architects to create spaces that are alive with energy and activity. It is after-all the activity and events that happen in spaces that make them special and our architecture is a backdrop to this, an enabler if you like. I think a lot of people think we chose the name Living Spacearchitects because we specialise in residential architecture, in fact we don’t specialise in this area at all although naturally as a young practice we do a lot of residential work.

As a student I was fascinated by writings by Architects like Tschumi – event cities etc. Tschumi said architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about event, action, and what happens in space. I designed an ice factory in the back streets of west end London with an ice wall that crashed to the ground every day nada yearly ice festival. It was the idea of history, memory, and event making a place special through its architecture and buildings being a dynamic part of this not just bystanders. Obviously as a student you were expected to make a scale model of said ice factory along with real ice, which I then decided to hang from the ceiling. Questions like how much does a sq m of ice really weigh and what is the load bearing capacity of the studio ceiling had to be asked as well as what happens when it melts on the floor.

Living space follows on from this with its practice, creating spaces not just as a backdrop but as places where people can interact and where things happen, ideas are created, friendships are formed and strengthened and life lived to the full. This may be a dining room extension or a more complex design for a performing arts centre, but the essence of a dynamic, living form of space remains and enriches our design process to create forms that resonate with our clients and the building users.

Tea With an Architect Exeter

27 Jun 2013 / in News

TEA WITH AN ARCHITECT is a series of events around the country where you are invited to come and have a chat and a cup of tea with architects in your area.  Last night Kirsty Curnow Bayley opened the first Tea With an Architect event in Exeter  at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel, which was attended by founder and TV Apprentice star architect, Gabrielle Omar.  During the event money was raised for local disaster relief charity Shelterbox.

Whether you’re thinking about building something from scratch, trying to decide whether that house you’ve seen at the estate agent could realise its potential, or just thinking about extending your own home, one of our Tea with an Architect sessions are a great opportunity for you to bring in your ideas, designs and questions and benefit from a free consultation.  Further events will be taking place in Exeter later in the year.

Architects in Residence at The Maynard School Exeter

27 Jun 2013 / in News

Over the past year Kirsty Curnow Bayley has been working closely with architect Nick Gilbert Scott at The Maynard Girls School in Exeter as Architect in Residence.  The project involved a number of workshops with the year 8 students, where the girls tackled issues such as site planning, scale and sustainability as well as having fun drawing and making models.

The project culminated with a presentation of the girl’s ideas for a new Performing Arts Centre on their site in St Leonards, Exeter.  The girls showed an amazing level of thought and creativity during the project, choosing their own site and making an analysis of the factors that would influence the design.  It is hoped that some of the ideas will be taken forward in the future for a new building for the school.  Living Space are looking forward to working further with the school later this year.

Listed House Extension

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As we prepare our exhibition stand for the Listed Property Show we can show here the first pictures of a recently completed Listed House refurbishment and modern extension to a thatched cottage.

Living Space Architects secured planning and listed building consent for this integrated light and modern extension. The form of the new building is a crescent shape which follows the afternoon sun and is positioned to enjoy far views from inside or sitting on the new terrace.

The interior of the new rooms are bright, modern and open plan, which provides a welcome relief from the low ceilings and darker interiors of the original house.

Electric Car for Living Space Architects

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electric carAfter deciding we should be practicing what we preach we now have a new electric company car.

We decided to purchase a Nissan Leaf which has a range of around 100 miles, but this does depend on how many hills you drive up. Thankfully the regenerative breaking helps restore the range on the way back down!

Office to become new homes

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Empty offices above shops could soon be converted into flats if proposed changes from the government come into force next month.
Currently planning permission is required for material changes of use of land or a building even if no building work is required. Converting an office above a shop to a residential use would therefore usually require planning permission but from October 1st this could all change.

After an announcement made by the government Permitted development rights look likely to be extended to include the conversion of parts of certain offices and shops to two residential flats.  There will still be exceptions as local authorities can remove permitted development rights where they think they may cause a problem – for example in conservation areas.

Under the 1995 Order, local authorities can remove permitted development rights in geographic areas where they think these new rights might cause a problem. They can do so by making an Article 4 direction, the effect of which is to a require a planning application which in other locations would not be necessary. Article 4 directions are commonly found in conservation areas.

Announcing the proposed changes Mr Pickles said:

“These are common sense planning reforms that will deliver more affordable homes in areas where there are good transport links whilst ensuring better use of existing developed land. Cutting this red tape should be a shot in the arm for the high street increasing footfall and providing a boost to regeneration.”

We look forward to finding out if the new permitted development rights will be as revolutionary as Mr Pickles hopes when they are brought into force in October.